Daniel Havell

The Havell family of Reading, Berkshire, England, included a number of notable engravers, etchers and painters, as well as writers, publishers, educators, and musicians. In particular, members of this family were among the foremost practitioners of aquatint; and had a long association with Indian art and culture. They are the English descendants of the aristocratic Hauteville family of Normandy. These early Havells are described in Philip Vickers' 1995 'The Moulsford Mystery',Part 1 being 'The First Evidence', by Vickers, and Part 2 being 'William Havell's Reminiscence' of 1847. Published by The In-Hand Press of Farnham, Surrey, this printing is the sole printing of his 'Reminiscence', on the kind authority of Eric Stanford, then Keeper of Art at Reading Museum. Reading Museum holds the original manuscript writing by Havell. Vickers also holds the most complete family tree of the Havells, the work of his cousin, Ron Havell. As a descendent of the Havells on his mother's side, Vickers is a member of the d'Hauteville Family Association, 'Omnia Virtute'. Read more from Wikipedia →