Jen Pacyga, Bachman’s , 2021

The Union of England and Scotland (Charles I as the Prince of Wales)

2 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: baby’s breath, calla lily, spray rose, alstroemeria, succulent, brunnera

Exploring the symbolism of a painting dealing with the Stuart dynasty: It’s a challenge to keep Scotland and England peacefully united with war and heartbreak always overhead and underfoot. Challenge: can I say this in flowers?

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

Historical. Charles I, King of England. A helmeted Britannia, wearing violet drapery, holds steady the golden crown which England and Scotland, in red and yellow draperies, suspend above the head of the Infant Charles I. Two putti above support an escutcheon with the arms of the United Kingdom lightly indicated, and a putto below holds a torch to a heap of armor, spears, and dull red banners which the union makes no longer necessary.

The Union of England and Scotland (Charles I as the Prince of Wales), 1633–34

Peter Paul Rubens

Oil on gessoed wood (oak) panel

The William Hood Dunwoody Fund 26.2

On View in Gallery 313

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