Barbarajo Kuzelka, Kate Sobraske , Barbie's Bloomers Florals, 2021

Little Red Cap

4 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: tulip, stock, rose, wax flower, calla lily

Is the wolf friend or foe? Is the forest path for protection or control? Little Red Cap is savvier than the story has led us to believe. She is clever, brave, and capable of handling whatever lies in the forest.

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

red-headed girl wearing a red stocking hat, black and yellow buffalo checkered coat, and blue tights at right, holding flowers in hands and basket of books and paint brushes on arm; large brown and black wolf lies on ground around girl; girl and wolf are face to face, with wolf's mouth slightly open; gray and brown misty forest in background, with silhouettes of more wolves; tan building on far right with black bird sitting on open window; tree trunk, rocks, fossils, and other forest debris on ground in foreground

Little Red Cap, 2011

Gina Litherland

Oil on masonite

Gift of Helen and Sam Zell 2019.98

On View in Gallery 280

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