Michelle Aldentaler, 2021

Ivan Albright, Through a Glass Darkly

8 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: thistle, scabiosa pods, lavender, plumosus, bleached ruscus, pussy willow

I was drawn to the uniqueness of how the artist interpreted Ivan Albright, much like how we interpret art through flowers. The materials he used inspired me to create a piece of art to reflect the flowers through mirrored images.

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

tromp l'oeil style; portrait of a man in shades of blue with burned edges in LLQ, with broken glass over image; tube of black paint with stream of paint squeezed out at top right; large moth pinned with pin with round red head at top left of center; part of a wasp nest at left center; razor blade behind ULC of portrait of man; snuffed-out cigarette with burning ashes and two matches below wasp nest; purple rectangular paper in LLC--"Ivan Albright by A Bohrod"; background of weathered wood

Ivan Albright, Through a Glass Darkly, 1958

Aaron Bohrod

Oil on Masonite

Gift of funds from the Benjamin V. and Jane M. Siegel Fund 2017.53

On View in Gallery 322

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