Trudy Hochradel, 2021

Second-hand Reading

2 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: rose, bird of paradise, greens, calla lily

The appeal of Wm. Kentridge's identity, a cryptic vision imagery, is a revelation of his brilliant knowledge through a broad range of artistic media. This has made him a dynamic contemporary artist.

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

video with animated black and white images on the turning pages of a book; imagery includes man walking and birds; music with vocals; blue presentation box in the form of a book with text from a dictionary at interior; removable cardboard tray with Blu ray DVD and USB flash drive; gold USB drive tied to tan ribbon attached to left side of cardboard tray; WD TVLive streaming media player, power cord, remote and three brochures (technical and warranty guide, connection instructions and promotional brochure)

Second-hand Reading, 2013

William Kentridge; Editor: Snezana Marovic; Composer: Music by Neo Muyanga

Single video projection with stereo audio

The William Hood Dunwoody Fund 2014.21

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