Dawn Renner, CJ Renner, 2021

Daiitoku Myōō, the Wisdom King of Awe-Inspiring Power

8 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: equisetum, aspidistra, beargrass, molucella, laevis, bells-of-ireland, gladiolus

The structural and monochromatic elements of Daiitoku Myoo brought to mind a foliage-dominant piece. The elegant violence of this statue is mirrored in the cutting, bending, and threading of the composition’s greenery.

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

figure with six heads, arms, and legs astride crouched bull on wood base; metal bands around wrists, some biceps, and most ankles; halo with flames attached at back; two hands of two arms together in praying position, other arms bent and flare outwards. Upper left arm holds long staff, lower one holds implement with "curly q"-shaped end. Upper right arm holds a trident. Lower right arm fingersshaped like it was holding something in hand. Three bottom heads have crystal inlay eyes. Three smaller heads on top considerably smaller.

Daiitoku Myōō, the Wisdom King of Awe-Inspiring Power, second half 13th century

Unknown Japanese

Wood with metal, polychrome, gilding, and inlaid crystal eyes

Gift of the Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture; formerly given to the Center in 2000 in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Sherman Lee by the Clark Family in appreciation of the Lees' friendship and help over many years 2013.29.1a-g

On View in Gallery 220

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