Maria Eggemeyer, 2021


1 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: sunflower, mum, rose

Aztec goddess Chalchiutlicue is the provider of life-giving water and seeds. Yellow represents Mexico with its sun, sunflowers, and maize. What could better than a Warren MacKenzie pot to contain a lush offering of flowers for the goddess?

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

stone figure with red pigment stands on black wood base with hands touching index figure to thumb; face incised on either side with rectangular markings; headdress crowns figure with large ear ornaments; small drill hole in center of chest

Chalchiuhtlicue, c. 1200-1521


Gray basalt, red ochre

Gift of Curtis Galleries, Minneapolis, MN 2009.33

On View in Gallery 260

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