Kathryn Malody, James Malody, North Star Lily Society, 2021


30 year Art in Bloom participant

Floral Products Used: lily, alstroemeria, ruscus

The North Star Lily Society sponsors this design of rhythmic lilies. The position of ceramic containers plays with light and shadow similar to Duckworth’s untitled mural. Both lilies and ceramics share qualities of “fragility and strength."

Floral Arrangement Inspired by...

three vertical white panels, each broken up into six horizontal sections; panels have protruding arcs, circles and half-circles; left panel has wedge at top; center panel has protruding globe at top; right panel has globe with slit at top

Untitled, 2007

Ruth Duckworth


The Walter C. and Mary C. Briggs Endowment Fund 2007.80a-c

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