Italian Printmakers Circa 1600

Four Diverging Paths

This exhibition focuses on four remarkable printmakers working in Italy around the year 1600. Each took a different path. Two were brothers, Agostino and Annibale Carracci. Promoting the study of live models and nature, they had a profound impact on artistic trends in Italy. Yet, their engagements with printmaking diverged. Agostino was a prolific, highly skilled professional engraver. Annibale preferred to spend his time making paintings, but for his limited output of prints he adopted the more intuitive technique of etching to produce works of exceptional sensitivity. Camillo Procaccini spent even less time on printmaking, but his few etchings resulted in visionary productions with powerfully emotional content. Andrea Andreani devoted his career to translating the works of other artists into complex woodcuts, sometimes of remarkable size. Several of the prints in this exhibition are here making their first appearance in Mia’s galleries.

Thursday, April 01, 2021 - Sunday, October 10, 2021