irregularly shaped textile with a green/gold metallic ground; image of a young Black boy in camouflage pants and a sweatshirt that is white on the bottom and light blue on the top; figure has his arms outstretched and he is looking directly at the viewer; the PR side of the textile/image is cut away at the boy's wrist and into his legs; thin rod pocket on verso along top edge

Everyday Miracle, 2020

Billie Zangewa

Hand-stitched silk collage


On View in Gallery 373

This is a spiritual
This is a ritual / everyday miracles
Ethereal / grand and the minimal
Celebration felt in the physical
/ Devotion time enters space
Mystery trance like state
Must stay awake / must agitate
Light as a feather / must carry weight
/ Born out of struggle and hardships
/ We gon’ come up regardless
Lyrics by Chaka Mkali, “This is a spiritual,” from the album Rituals of Resilience

Image: Copyright Not Evaluated.

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