colorful, slightly abstracted image of smiling woman at left, with short dark hair, wearing denim shirt and jeans with brown belt, with three smiling boys at right; taller boy at far right wears white shirt with grey designs and holds red book; second boy from right wear cream colored sweater with khaki, grey and rust cross, diamond and bar patterns; boy next to woman wears dark blue; bright green wall with orange patterning

Come play with us, 2019

Joy Labinjo

Oil on canvas


On View in Gallery 374

Keeping me sane / giving protection
The ritual love / below and above
Supporting the family / hand and the glove
Something that go together / like happiness and pleasure
Grounded in the present / dreaming forever
Life is a treasure / embracing the joy
Lyrics by Chaka Mkali, “Aspiration,” from the album Rituals of Resilience

Image: Copyright Not Evaluated.

Rituals of Resilience

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