dark skinned little girl at center with her hands on her shoulders, wearing a striped shirt and short grey skirt with brown pattern, orange shoes, and a tiara; two dark skinned little boys at right; one boy wear a tan jacket with purple sleeves, salmon colored pants with red lowers, and black high-top tennis shoes; boy at right wears tan pants, tan shirt with brown pattern and blue sleeves, and black high-top tennis shoes, with a tiara coming out of his mouth; painted and sketched elements, paper and photo collage, glitter on tiaras, and applied buttons on jacket; white frame

Between Them, 2019

Deborah Roberts

Pigments, pencil, glitter, and buttons on paper


On View in Gallery 373

Ain’t kicking us out / we built this
Ain’t no breaking our spirits / we resilient
Keep breaking through these ceilings / we brilliant More
peace / Black love / and fulfillment
Cure any ailment / bitter medicine
Sweet poison / enemies hellbent
Straight to the helmet / smooth like velvet Access
memory just like an elephant
Even though we all know / seen it / and felt it
Our very presences / is seen as a weapon
Those that have been sheltered / see us get threatened
They wanna be us / but can’t see the essence

Lyrics by Chaka Mkali and Shaiwna Adams, “Gentle Reminder,” from the album Rituals of Resilience

Image: Copyright Not Evaluated.

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