four separate colored photographs layered over each other and attached with black tape on the back; bottom photograph depicts four boys, seated, weaving a fishing net; boy on left turns to look at viewer; brown frame with beaded inner edging; top photograph image of figure in a patterned dress, holding a black and white portrait with both hands; face is obstructed by another photograph layered on top of the image; two figures stand behind front figure, with cascading fishing nets in the background; brown frame; center photograph depicts the torsos of three figures, right figure wearing a green and yellow tie dyed dress, holding a black purse; center figure wearing a white striped patterned button up shirt with matching pants; left figure wearing a green cotton shirt with black bottoms; image obstructed by center photograph overlapping; center photograph is round in shape, with an interior view of a televisions surrounded by electronic equipment on shelving; stuffed bears rest on shelves around television; rectangular gold trophy/ award rests on top of the television; cleat taped to back of installation

Akwidaa: Phase Patterns, Unit Structures, 2018

Todd Gray

Four archival prints in artist's frames and found frames with UV laminate


On View in Gallery 374

Image: In Copyright.

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