black man lying on shoreline with leg partially underwater, wearing white garments; island in background; trees at left

The Death of Mann, from "The Richard Wright Suite", 2001

John Wilson; Publisher: The Limited Editions Club

Color etching with aquatint


On View in Gallery 373

Rebirth but we never died
Survived genocide / then gentrified
Look me in my eye / I could never hide
Shining so bright / we can’t let it slide
Jim Crow laws to Apartheid
Fake jewel in the crown we living offsides
/ Make home in a foreign land
/ Decolonize is the master plan
/ Monotonous symphony of agitation
Locked in no emancipation
/ Feel my pain / in my skin / from within
/ Feel my joy / in my soul / we gon’ win
Lyrics by Chaka Mkali, “Grand Rising,” from the album Rituals of Resilience

Image: In Copyright.

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