a: bright blue ground with black and white appliques running vertically up the L side; image of a black coyote seated in a bird-like nest licking a pair of feet along the R side of the image b: bright blue ground with black applique filigree along the R edge; woman lying on her back in a blue dress holding a white rabbit above her head; a second white rabbit hops to the right of her head

Mother of Veracity, 2019

Julie Buffalohead

Acrylic, graphite, and collage on Lokta paper mounted on board

Courtesy of the Artist and Bockley Gallery L2019.280.4a,b

Not on View

Rabbits playing with humans, coyotes sitting in nests: Julie Buffalohead often pairs seemingly different elements as a way of storytelling. These pairings, or contradictions, are depicted as subjects in her artwork or used to reference Native concepts. The ribbonwork patterns, seen here on either side of the human and animal figures, are examples of both. They represent forms and ideas that are central to Native cosmology.

Image: In Copyright–Educational Use. Courtesy of the Artist and Bockley Gallery

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