bright blue paper diptych; image of a coyote laying in a nest on a telephone pole in silhouette; two black birds on the L side of image; framed in blonde wood

Exile, 2019

Julie Buffalohead

Acrylic, graphite, and collage on Lokta paper

From the collection of Jody and Mike Wahlig L2019.279

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Here we see a coyote calmly sleeping in a nest that isn’t his. Displacement of Indigenous peoples and the intergenerational trauma caused by that displacement are realities Julie Buffalohead often grapples with in her work. Yet paired with that trauma are the ways that Native people have found to survive. The ribbonwork motifs, like the ones that decorate the pole, come from an art form still practiced by Native women today. In this way, Buffalohead demonstrates her community’s ongoing strength.

Image: In Copyright–Educational Use. From the collection of Jody and Mike Wahlig

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