Color lines divide 57 small raised figures of various colors, white, blue, orange and 43 of them dark against a black ground shaded with pastel chalk. 3 light circular shapes and a number of small squares fill in some of the areas.  A strong fat yellow line curves from top to bottom across several horizontal fat orange lines separating groups of figures with no apparent logic.  The lines at first appear very definite but looking closer they appear very rough and porous.  This art represents my thoughts about my ancestors, the homes they left and the journeys they took.

Across The Line, 2017

Edward Bock

acrylic and pastels on wood panel

12 x 12 inches

Keywords: abstract, ancestors, journeys, ideascapes, landscapes, journeyscapes, figurative, figures, black, history, journey, identity, porosity, Structure, edwardbockart,


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