A simple line drawing of a rowboat on the water. No passengers or oars, only an empty seat. there is a trail of lightbulbs underwater showing motion by their placement as being pulled behind the boat attached by cords from the inside of the boat to sockets on the bulbs. There are eight of them trailing behind underwater at various lengths of about 12 to 18 feet back and 5 to 8 feet deep. Only the boat has color. The slats of the boat above water and the interior of the boat are colored with spot colors of brown and ochre. Below the water line, the slats of the boat are ultra marine blue and teal. The boat is placed to the left of the page. Although the lightbulbs underwater suggest motion, the boat itself is quite still. The date of Sept 12, 20 is stamped on with a rubber stamp under the water to the right, preceded by the word documented. It is signed on the lower left.

Untitled, 2020

Mary Jane Mansfield

Archival ink and color pencil

12" x 12"

Keywords: water, electricity, open sky, calm ocean, empty boat, lightbulbs under water, line drawing, spot colors, story telling, meditation, contemplation, trust


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