A small rectangular abstract painting with a dark grey and white speckled rubber surface. There's a piece of canvas painted yellow and black with a scratched-in grid pattern attached at top half of the painting. At the top of the piece of canvas are three lumps of light grey plaster. A small fragment of light grey flooring from the artist's studio is attached to the bottom left corner of the painting. The perimeter of the painting is marked with silver and black paint. There are several thin, short plastic hairs jutting out from the top, left, and bottom sides of the painting.

Play Surface, 2020

Hannah Bassewitz

Rubber floor tile, acrylic paint, modeling paste, and plaster on pine support.

9" x 12"

Keywords: Grey, Found Objects, Plaster, Acrylics, Queer, Saint Paul, Rubber, Flooring, Unconventional Materials, Painting, Abstract, Texture, Silver, Black, Yellow,


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