The color theme is muted greys and blues, brown, tan and dark green. A girl on a dirt road facing away from the viewer.  She is in a simple blue cotton dress that is blowing in the wind and she has a strong grounded stance.  Ahead of her, down the dirt road, are multiple severe weather elements.  To the right of the dirt road is a tsunami where the wave is just about to crash down on the edge of the dirt road and onto her.  The wave goes all the way to the sky where the white caps start to build up into large white storm like clouds that cover the middle of the top frame.  The clouds direct your eyes to the left side of the picture where there is lighting and a tornado to the edge of the left side of the road.  The tornado is kicking up dirt and grass, the wind from the tornado is blowing her dress and it is starting to take part of her leg as you her left leg is disintegrating like sand towards to the tornado.  The girl continues stand strong, she is holding a bottle of wine and raggedy Anne doll in her left hand.  In her right hand she is holding a leash that is attached to a blue bird that looks to be her guide or attempting to fly free.

Fight or Flight, 2020

Emily Holt

Photography Composite


Keywords: composite, fight or flight, tsunami, tornado, storms, self-portrait, self portrait, photoshop, dirt road, sever weather, blue bird, landscape,


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