A miniature pastel bathroom scene sits in a shadow box with a mini pink toilet, sitting on checkerboard tile, with a pastel purple toilet matt.  There is a mirror above the sink with a written sign saying "you can do this!!!"  The sink counter has a miniature soap and hand towel.  There is a shelf above the toilet with mini bathroom items such as toilet paper, a tooth brush and bath towels, all in pastel tones.  Next door to the bathroom is a living room with two pastel purple couches sitting around a baby blue coffee table that has an overflowing miniature ash tray and a house plant.  The couches are facing a pink tv that is sitting on a white modern TV stand.  There is a framed large painting on the wall that features abstract faces, checkerboard patterns, and a backround of warmer tones.  All of the furniture sits on a baby pink felt rug.  There is a decorative abstract lamp in the corner.

Dispraportionate Worry , 2020

Shelby Teal

sculpture, polymer clay, mixed media

10 X 10 inches

Keywords: Sculpture, scene, pastel, bathroom, hamline grad, rolling vibes,


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