This sculpture is a happy character standing with his arms stretched out, wearing a colorful costume.  He is having a Eureka moment and his eyes are popping out of his head.  His upper clothing is geometric squares and diamond shapes in green, black, and blue.  HIs face and hands are yellow.  His lower body is shaped like a jester costume in orange and red.  He is wearing a necklace and two bracelets on his shoulders.  He has many colorful buttons on his costume.  His head is shaped strangely and his eyebrows are big and golden.  His shoes are fun and are red and aqua.

The Pattern Juggler, 2020

Mohammad Soubra

Modeling Clay with Acrylic Paint

12" X 12" X 5"

Keywords: Sculpture, juggler, pattern, clay, creature, character, happiness, friendly, fun


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