Based in the tradition of the Philosophical Instrument this work, a Conundra Object, is based upon an extraction of Kepler’s solar system model and a musing of what existed beyond his platonic “Celestial Spheres”.  Kepler's chrome sphere is supported by hand machined brass and copper supports with a plumb bob centered on space, flanked by illuminated display spheres under glass, circled by a rotating planetoid form, all mounted to a box base of various hardwoods.

Urania Incognita, 2006

Brad P Jirka

Sculpture : Lacquered Honduras Mahogany, Red Heart, Blood Wood, Ebony; Brass, Tellurium Copper, Stainless Steel, Fossil Mammoth Ivory; Tektite; Glass, Uranium Glass; Rutilated Quartz.; White and UV LED; Lunar Clock Movement.


Keywords: sculpture, science, scientific, kinetic, instrument, philosophical, device, object, metal, wood, glass, illuminated, light, tektite, quartz, solar, hand machined, steam, Bohemiawerks, MCAD, professor


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