Plate VIII from The Drunkard's Children (Sequel to The Bottle)

The Maniac Father and the Convict Brother are Gone -- The Poor Girl, Homeless, Friendless, Deserted, Destitute, and Gin Mad, Commits Self Murder, 1848

George Cruikshank; Publisher: David Bogue, London


Gift of Mrs. Thirza J. Cleveland P.94.14.8

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In the context of Cruikshank's morality tale on the dangers of drinking, the girl's suicide, described in the title of the print as "self-murder," resulted from her father's alcoholism and the deterioration of her family. Published in 1848, "The Drunkard's Children" was issued in the hope of repeating the commercial success of Cruikshank's popular series "The Bottle" of the previous year.

Image: Public Domain. Gift of Mrs. Thirza J. Cleveland

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