3-color woodcut from 3 blocks

Full Moon, 1986

Richard Bosman; Publisher: Experimental Workshop, San Francisco

Color woodcut

Gift of the St. Paul Companies, Inc. P.93.22.1

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In the 1980s, Richard Bosman produced a group of editioned woodcuts that featured scenes of disturbing or violent actions that suggested a specific, but unidentified narrative. The present work is a characteristic example from this group, depicting a scene of murder at sea in which an anonymous perpetrator beats his victim to death with what appears to be a rock. The victim's hands are seen just above the boat's gunnels in a defensive posture. The nighttime attack occurs in stormy seas under the glow of a full moon. The enigmatic nature of the characters and the narrative imbues the scene with a sense of mystery and intrigue. The heaving sea and the waves breaking against the nearest boat further amplify the raw violence of the murder in progress.

Image: In Copyright. Gift of the St. Paul Companies, Inc.

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