Aaron Rio

Japanese and Korean Art

Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Curator of Japanese and Korean Art

portrait of Aaron Rio

Aaron came to Mia in 2015 to work with the museum’s world-class collection of Japanese and Korean art. He specializes in pre-modern Japanese paintings, which comprise the core of the renowned Burke Collection recently donated to the museum. A native of Indiana, he attended Indiana University where he studied the history of Chinese art and, later, Japanese art. Following undergraduate studies, he spent two years teaching English in Nara, Japan, before pursuing graduate work at Columbia University, where he earned his MA, MPhil, and PhD. His doctoral research focused on the early reception of Chinese ink painting and the forging of a distinctive local painting style by Zen painters active in medieval eastern Japan. He spent four years in Japan as a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo and Gakushūin University. From 2014–15 he was a Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellow in the Department of Asian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He speaks fluent Japanese and has written and spoken widely on the influence of China on the arts of Japan.

Contact: 612.870.6449, ario@artsmia.org

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