palanquin hardware, bronze

Palanquin Hooks, 12th-13th century

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Khmer royalty and aristocracy were carried in wood and wicker palanquins which were typically suspended from a transverse carrying pole with decorative bronze hooks. The serpentine hook has a central section decorated on each side with figures of Garuda, the mythical bird that was Vishnu's vehicle. The hooks terminate in three serpent heads while their sockets are surmounted by a stylized lotus. The suspension rings are also richly decorated with serpent (naga) motifs and traces of gold leaf are still visible on the surface of the heavily corroded bronze. Luxurious utilitarian items such as these are a testament to the artistry and technical sophistication of Khmer bronze casters.



Pair of Palanquin Hooks (#200)
Palanquin Hooks
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palanquin hardware, bronze