6 panels, alternating between large calligraphy, and images of bamboo with rocks, and smaller inscriptions

Bamboo and Chinese Poems [left of a pair], 1865

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Scholar and painter Doi had a conventional side and an eccentric side. The latter is

evident in the painting of prancing skeletons in the nearby gallery; the former in this pair of screens. Doi alternated panels of pure calligraphy with those depicting bamboo with poetic accompaniment.
Citing poems from the Tang (618–907 ce) and Song (960–1279 ce) dynasties, Doi puts his knowledge of classical Chinese poetry on display. Bamboo was considered one of the fundamental forms of painting in the Chinese style, and their pairing with Chinese poetry further highlights Doi’s erudition.
Left screen, poems on panels from right to left:
I know where to go to appreciate the springtime,
fine wine is needed to bid farewell to my years
Du Fu, “Seven-Character Poem on Seeking Flowers
Alone by the Riverside” (Tang Dynasty)
Idly napping for the whole day with no visitors,
spring wind sweeps my door
Wang Anshi, “Among the Bamboo” (Song Dynasty)
Looking back along the riverbank in the setting
sun, a band of clear cloud descends on the rear
Tang Qiu, “For Changle Temple” (Tang Dynasty)
Asking me why I reside in the Green Mountain, I
smile quietly with an idiosyncratic heart
Li Bai, “Questions and Responses in the Mountains”
(Tang Dynasty)
Right screen, poems on panels from right to left:
Frozen pistils, condensed fragrance and brilliant colors,
a small hill and deep basin accompany lonely visitors
Lu Xisheng, “Plum Blossom Basin. Frozen Pistils,
Solidified Fragrance and Brilliant Colors” (Tang
I resent that I was late when finding the flower [my
love]; I once witnessed the budding flower in the past
Du Mu, “Poem of Sorrow Farewell” (Tang Dynasty)
Divine Yeshe [a nymph] makes contact with Lady Yao,
the roads are full of waves of clear fragrance
Wang Zhou, “Plum Blossom in the Post Station of
Dashi Ridge” (Northern Song)
Wait to let Linglun [a

Bamboo and Chinese Poems [left of a pair]
Artist Life
1817 - 1881
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6 panels, alternating between large calligraphy, and images of bamboo with rocks, and smaller inscriptions